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For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
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Project Management Consultant & Associates.

For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Building Project.


Green Economy & Trade

[ The subject of Green Economy & Trade is vast. This article is written down on the basic awareness & introduction. ]

What is the ‘Green’ concept?

Now a day, greater awareness is increasing in energy & environment conservation throughout the world. The concept has been widely accepted due to increasing of more population & industrialization so the higher side of energy demand, shortage of energy sources, uncertainties of future resources, continuous increasing energy cost. And one is the very important factor how to control the environmental pollution, & imbalance of nature; due to burning of coal, oil & other fossil fuel for power generation, transportation, & industrial use etc.

For the above consideration in mind, green concept is the practice of efficient use of energy, consume less water, conserve natural resources, and generate less waste. And create spaces for healthy and comfortable living& pollution free environment, throughout a life cycle from start to end.

What is the "Green Economy"?

Its simplest expression, in techno-commercial development to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, & prevent the loss of bio diversity & ecosystem services. And it can contribute to economic growth, the creation of decent jobs, social equity, & poverty reduction.

Who initiate & When started the green concept?

United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) - Led Green Initiative, launched in late 2008, consists of several components is to provide the analytics and policy support for investing in economic sectors, that build on and enhance the earth’s natural capital or reduce ecological and environmental risks. The UNEP assessed & focuses on the 11 sectors of the green economy.

The UNEP Initiative includes three sets of activities for Green Economy

  1. Producing a Green Economy Report and related research materials, which will analyze the macroeconomic, sustainability, and poverty reduction implications of green investment in a range of trade.
  2. Providing advisory services on ways to move towards a green economy in specific countries.
  3. Engaging a wide range of research, non-governmental organizations, and business and UN partners in implementing the Green Economy Initiative.

The UNEP was assessed & focuses on the 11 Trade for a green economy

  1. Agriculture
  2. Buildings
  3. Cities
  4. Energy
  5. Fisheries
  6. Forests
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Tourism
  9. Transport
  10. Waste
  11. Water
Green Economy Trade

WED Celebration

The lead agency of the UNEP, and coordinates events worldwide to celebrate the World Environment Day [WED] with various themes & host country of each year, 5th Jun.

In the year’s 2012, Brazil was the host country for WED, & theme was 'Green Economy: Does It Include you?' reflects widespread recognition of the Green Economy as the new pathway to a low-carbon, resource-efficient, and sustainable twenty-first century.

More importantly, as Brazil, countries across the globe emerge from deep economic recession, it emphasizes the need for a Green Economy that is not just inclusive, but also addresses social equity and dramatically improved environmental management as integral outcomes of economic growth.

What is Green Trade?

Green trade is nothing but it is a pollution free product & services. It is also known as / Green Marketing / Green Job / Green Services / Green Project, etc.

Manufacturing for Green Product

It is no big secret that the industry can manufacture green product with following consideration.

Sample comparisons of green & non-green product.

Green product
Non-green product
Building construction
Volcanic / waste
Cement & steel
Cotton / silk / wool
Polyester / terrain / nylon / yarn / etc.
Carry bag
Cotton / paper / Jute
Plastic carry bag
Solar /wind / biogas/waste
Atomic / coal based
Ply / wood / leather
Plastic / fiber / rexene
Natural & organic based
Fertilizer / chemical processed
Ganesh murti
Shadu soil or paper mold
POP / plastic / thermo coal
Lime / Kokum / Amla / Mango / etc.
Coca cola, Limca, Thumps, etc.
Organic, Vermin
Chemical fertilizer
Naturally processed
Chemical / carpet processed
Herbal / Bio
Chemical / allopathic
Chemical pesticides
Perfume / sent
Natural / herbal extracted
Chemical & spirit based
Natural / herbal / water based
Chemical, oil based
Sandal / shoe
Leather / jute
Plastic / rexene / PU
Wood / soft cotton
Electronic / plastic / fiber
Solar / electric/ CNG
Petrol / diesel


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