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For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Building Project.

Project Management Consultant & Associates.

For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Building Project.


Need for Green Energy & Eco-Infra for Building Project

[ The subject of green concept is vast. This article written down on the basic introduction of Green Energy & Ecological Infrastructure for Building Project for Industrial & Commercial of SME. ]

What is the 'Green' concept?

Now a day, greater awareness is increasing in energy & environment conservation throughout the world. The concept has been widely accepted due to increasing of more population & industrialization so the higher side of energy demand, shortage of energy sources, uncertainties of future resources, continuous increasing energy cost. And one is the very important factor how to control the environmental pollution, & imbalance of nature; due to burning of coal, oil & other fossil fuel for power generation, transportation,& industrial use etc.

For the above consideration in mind, green concept is the practice of efficient use of energy, consume less water, conserve natural resources, and generate less waste. And create spaces for healthy and comfortable living & pollution free environment, throughout a life cycle from start to end.

Who is initiate & when started the green concept?

United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) - Led Green Initiative, launched in late 2008, consists of several components is to provide the analytics and policy support for investing in economic sectors, that build on and enhance the earth’s natural capital or reduce ecological and environmental risks. The UNEP is assessed on the 11 sectors of the green economy.

With all above this in mind, & observed the potential for reducing energy consumption by adopting energy efficiency measures in various sectors. Energy efficiency will need to create a new generation capacity and result in more environmental benefit in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emission.

Many national & international organizations (Energy & Environment) worldwide discussed with:industry, government, research, academia, regional and nongovernmental organizations representing all stakeholders, including consumers and SME enterprises. Promoting efficient use of energy and environment conservation in general public hearing. Confirm to enforce & implement by following the different statutory rules and regulations, national & international standards.

SME Project

At the time of any project planning, nobody considering operating expenses on energy & building. Where the purchase of cheaper technology & inefficient equipment, & its' installation / construction, no more information on this concept. There is high wastage, losses of energy & environment. This type of industry's increase production cost due to operating expenses of energy. Such cost can reduce by adopting by 'green energy & eco-infrastructure for building project by following way of systems.

Green Energy

The Sun, Wind, Water, Earth & Sky (Panch Maha Urja); these are the natural primary sources of energy. It is known as green energy.

And is also called as

The some, following type of green energy sources

Electrical energy

The natural primary sources of Green energy, it is in the form of as per above list and again its reform in secondary energy i.e. an 'Electrical Energy' & also known as Conventional Energy.

Use of Energy

An energy play a main role in our life from wake-up to sleeping; for running the infrastructure like lighting, fan, cooling, heating, water pumping of building & industrial utility, such as compressed-air, ETP / STP plant, air-conditioning and motor to run the machinery for production etc.

Green Building

Green Building is the practice & using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life cycle from starting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. This building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, & create spaces for healthy and comfortable living. This is called Green building.

Green Building is also known as

And the combination of

And with the combination of Eco Infrastructure

Intelligent or smart 'building management systems' [BMS].

Now a day, everybody is facing problem for shortage of energy & its cost. And each executive of the organization is highly busy in his routine work. Therefore, they are not able to monitor and control of the operating cost of infrastructure of the building; so that they expect automation to the independent work of each function of the building. It has called intelligent or smart 'building management systems' [BMS].

The some of, following points are to be considered for the overall project design

The detailed engineering & design

The detailed engineering & design to be made by highly professional, who are the expert in his own field for civil, structural, energy & other infrastructure for building. The detailed drawings and bill of materials with technical specification, type, make quantity etc. to be highest accurate and error-free.


Any types of commercial organization get the following benefits.


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