Project Management Consultant & Associates.

For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Building Project.

Project Management Consultant & Associates.

For Green Energy & Eco-Infrastructure for
Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Building Project.


Project Management

[ The subject of Project Management is vast. This article is written down on the basic introduction based on our own practical experience, for “Energy - Infrastructure - Building” of Industrial & Commercial of SME project. ]

What is a project?

The project can be defined as capital investment made on non-routine work. The interconnected process to setup the project from concept to completion; is known as the project.

The 'projects' is the backbone, in the process of social change and economic development of the each person, society, state & the nation. They are necessary to improve social, economic, quality of life, and comfort of the society. Projects are the essential features of the nation building, may it is township housing, commercial complex, industry, agriculture, power, transportation, road, aviation, railway, communication, mining, education, health etc.

A historic perspective

There was no significant development in the commercial and industrial activity before independence of India. Lumpsum price was given on the spot during verbal discussion with the owner on site, because the work involved was very small and simple in nature. Unqualified, uneducated workman was the first and the last man in the contracting at that time.

After independence, rapid growth in development activity started in all fields with technology & methodology for the project; like design, drawing, technical specification, supervision of the installation / construction, testing & commissioning, etc.

Owner & project management associates

Owner / promoter has to assess & appoint highly professional, who are the expert in his own field as per the need of the project. Such professional may be as Technological Process Consultant, Architect, Structural Consultant, MEP Consultant, Infrastructure & BMS Consultant etc. And form of project management associates [PMA] team with responsibility, to do work list with ABCD priority, time scheduling, etc. with project management flow chart.

Project management & planning

The project is an economic activity. More the delay in the execution of the project, more the project cost, and consequential reduction in profit of margin. The effective project management is the key to success to set-up the project.

The main aspects of the project work for detail engineering & design, estimate, tendering, supervision / inspection, control on the performance of workmanship, bill audit of contractor, documentation. And ensures project must be complete at

Type of concept & requirements

The concept & requirement understanding of the project from the owner, & site visit for assessment and surveys. Prepare the conceptual design with project theme, & get the approval of drawing at every stage, it is necessary to avoid any controversies.


After approval of conceptual drawing with project theme, find out &asses the technologies & systems for ‘energy efficient plant & m/c, industrial utility, building infrastructure, building construction with structure. And approve such drawing & compile all estimation for total cost of the project. Preparation of master plan for process / machine layout, industrial utility,energy & infrastructure of building.

Techno-legal liaison

If statutory compliance with Act / Regulation / Rules is not covered, the legal controversy will happen, so project time schedules & subsequently cost increases, ultimately in high mental stress.

If, all compliance is cover with perfect pre engineering & calculation, then it is easy to achieve all technical requirements of approval & sanction, consent to operate & commissioning of the project. So close liaison work / follow-up is required to the Govt. Authorities. Some of the following liaison work to be consider.

Detailed engineering & design

The detailed engineering & design of each aspect to be considered as per the practical need for the project, latest state-of-the-art & technology, efficient utilization, easy access, trouble free and low cost operation & economy installation / construction.

The different stages of the design process with confirms to statutory rules & regulations, national & international STD.:

The detailed engineering & design to be made by highly professional, who are the expert in his own field for civil, structural, energy & other infrastructure for building. The detailed drawings and bill of materials with technical specification, type, make quantity etc. to be highest accurate and error-free.

Project estimation

The estimated total cost of project, to be provide for the financial planning / budget or finance institute for project financing. The total cost of the project to be considered with cost-breakup-analysis [CBA] for landing value for material, labor, other statutory fees, deposit and other misc. incidental charges, etc. with tax benefit analysis.


Before giving project enquiry / notice, pre-qualification / assessment is required for contractor, supplier, & OEM. The techno-commercial terms & condition to be prepared for tender documents & publish the tender notice / request for quotation [RFQ] in market or calling the quotation/bid from pre-qualified/approved contractor / OEM. After receiving the tender/quotation from various agencies, analyze of technical-commercial terms & condition. Then make comparative statements for selection & award the contract to the right party. With consideration of following important principles of 5R.

  1. Who will do it? [Right person.]
  2. How should it be done? [Right process]
  3. When it should be done? [Right time]
  4. How much will it cost? [Right cost]
  5. What level of standard to be achieve? [Right quality]


After award of contract, project must be execute using given resources, economically, effectively and efficiently. The execution management & planning is required for material procurement with cost control, stage supervision & inspection, testing & commissioning, control on the performance of workmanship, site coordination, time schedule, contractor's measurement & valuation of bill, etc.

Assistance in human resource, interview,& selection for operation & maintenance, during project execution. & on-site training to be provide

Project completion & handover

After successfully installation / construction, test trial & commissioning of the project, if there are any changes during project execution revised drawing & technical specification to be prepared & handover the capital / history file with all documents, drawing, catalogue, manual, test report, guarantee-warrantee certificate etc.

Regular tech. audit & assessment

After completion of the project, during plant running, regular audit is required for smooth operation & cost saving. By adopting various methodologies such as inspection / testing, supervision, monitoring, control, recording, periodical checkup, assessment of documents & housekeeping, etc. In addition,find out new energy efficient & the eco-friendly technology for up gradation of plant & m/c, equipment, energy with other infrastructures, etc.


In the modern world of economic development, by adopting modern scientific and systematic approach for the project. Therefore, the need to become conscious about speed, quality of installation, complexity of designs, choice of a variety of material and equipment. Safety, reliability,operation, and maintenance, optimization of cost and investment has also become significant. Achieving these objectives, calls for ‘Project Management Consultant & Associates’ for proper designing, meticulous planning and scheduling & right direction for project.

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